Monday, 18 May 2015

What our supporters say

With thirty years of experience, Juno Enterprise is a ground breaking charitable association with a valuable, enlightened message. Though small, the charity catalyzes rejuvenation in England, Wales and in some of the poorest places around the world by empathizing with communities, engaging volunteers and advancing practical and informative learning activities that help people to feel good”, Barbara B., supporter.

(Above: volunteer's photograph...we are working hard to help bees and pollinating insects)

“By networking knowledge and encouraging people to share skills and help each other, locally and internationally, Juno Enterprise is making an excellent contribution to the wellbeing of our communities and planet Earth”, F. Brown, supporter.

Below: As part of a project funded by The National Lotteries Awards for All we produced foraging bags for children's environmental learning activities. They have been very well received.

 Above: Andrea Wright, Woodborough Preschool manager said: "These bags are wonderful, they will really help the children with communication skills. The children will love them, they are a good activity". 

Cindy Bamford children's activity leader thanked us for supporting Woodborough Preschool: “it has enabled us to purchase thermal socks and warm waterproof gloves (see below) which will allow the children to experience and hopefully learn to appreciate nature all year round. The children are really happy learning and having fun in their natural environment. The gloves and socks are keeping the children lovely and warm. “

We have given significant support to the SEND project, it is open to young people aged 14 – 17 and is based at the Greenway Community & Training Centre (below) in the Sneinton area of Nottingham. The areas population has a high proportion people from new and emerging communities, in particular from the Czech Roma community. Moon Cavanagh a director of SEND said: “thank you once again for supporting the work we do at SEND, it really is most appreciated".

(Below: delivering landscape conservation and skills development & promoting outdoor education for all ages)

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