Friday, 15 May 2015

Who we work with - The Juno Enterprise Learning Community

In order to deliver our vision: “Educate to Rejuvenate: to aid & benefit our communities”, we have, since 1985, built a coherent Learning Community. Our Juno Enterprise Learning Community, operates across localities and aims to maximize participation. It is open to individuals who may be disadvantaged or lacking in confidence and community based groups.


Our work has added value because we roll out and share the benefits and advantage as far as possible, in England, Wales and in specified International communities by demonstrating best practice. 

We advance understanding and offer experience:
  •  to develop,wellbeing, confidence, skills, knowledge and employ-ability
  •  to promote respect and compassion and conserve the local environment
  • to promote volunteering, cooperation and contribution to a positive & ethical society 
  • to share knowledge, interest, friendship and enjoyment 
 We aim to benefit:

  • unemployed people & young people not in education  
  • mental health service users or people with depression, dementia or learning disabilities 
  •  those, from inner-city or rural locations that may lack services & transport, who feel isolated, including older people and carers 
  • those with physical ill health  
  • ex service personnel  
  • ethnic and minority members of the community  
  • refugees and homeless people. 
  • families in receipt of pupil premium or free school meals, including adoptive families and fostered children. Women headed households and children leaving care.  
  • Pictured above: young peoples learning activities.   


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