Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Our activities

(Biodiversity projects. Above: a peacock butterfly photographed by a volunteer walk leader, Leicestershire. Below: a dragonfly photographed by a volunteer species recorder, Nottinghamshire)

We deliver community learning & skills development in order to enrich lives and help people into the labour market in exchange for fair pay, security & dignity.

We work with communities, discussing & exploring how their own resources & destinies can be secured; fostering the understanding that life resources, such as water, needed by plants, animals & humans, should be affordable, accessible to all, uncontaminated & sustainably managed.

We offer learning in organic plant based food growing, seed saving & propagation, pollination, composting and soil management. We encourage the development and sharing of innovative low technology solutions by networking information.

(Below: healthy growing, healthy eating, photograph by supporter)

We work with communities to stimulate cultural enjoyment & enterprise
through participation in activities in heritage & history, the arts & crafts, such as the visual arts, ceramics, music, words and language, needle crafts, cooking, plant crafts & traditional wood skills.

We cooperate with indigenous communities in specified international locations, respecting their right to seek inclusion in international agreements among nations, thus giving them a voice; indigenous people must be on an equal footing with other people & nations.

We create opportunities & support for all, helping people meet their needs & fulfill their ethical aspirations, showing that enterprise is rooted in & responsible to communities & future generations. We work cooperatively, especially with women headed households and children leaving care, to create positive community business models, favoring self management & worker ownership.

(Above: projects inspire future generations and create sustainability. Photograph by a supporter)

We understand that places have special meaning to communities & that places have irreplaceable habitats, ecosystems & beauty, that should not be desecrated by exploitation.

(Projects to improve habitats. Above: swans photographed by a volunteer, Nottinghamshire)

We support access to cultural heritage that respects human, animal & environmental well-being, for the benefit of society.

We assist in the understanding of democracy & foster skills for participation in decisions that affect communities & impact on our lives & economy. We encourage accessible local democracy, encouraging collective responsibility, to help assure that the basic means of life, growth & development are available for all.

We help communities protect & conserve the life-sustaining systems of the planet; extending understanding & helping to bring about positive behavioral change. 

(Above, Patrick Harry raising awareness of deforestation & promoting plant based food growing)

We nurture respect for :

human communities
the natural environment
wild plants and open-pollinated heirloom plants
habitats and ecosystems
ecological communities 
all animals
All are too precious to be made commodities, be harmed or exploited; all should be free from suffering, neglect & cruelty.


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