Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Our vision

   “Educate to Rejuvenate: to aid & benefit our communities”

(Our vision is from concepts associated with Juno: iuvare, “to aid, benefit”, iuvenescendo, “to rejuvenate”.)

 (Above: our peacock mascot, photographed by one of our Nottinghamshire volunteers)

We implement our vision through:

  • Our responsive, accessible approach, made possible because we are a small organisation.
  • Valuing the volunteers on whom we rely. 
  • Delivering work that is quality assured by our extensive expertise and experience and by measuring impact and demonstrating our accountability and success.
  • Co-operation & collaboration. We are an independent charitable association, delivering projects alone & co-operatively; with for example: Dawn Chorus Educational Initiative since 1992,  (which offers infrastructure support & programme management within the community) http://dawnchoruseducationalinitiative.org.uk/ ; EWKET (who work with adoptive families) www.ewket.co.uk ; www.Yorkshireadoptionagency.org.uk (support with publicity to promote adoption and training); Kirkby Pet Welfare (who rescue, care for and re-home pets) www.KirkbyPetWelfare.org ; Ashfield Voluntary Action and many others.

(Above: a child learning about growing food; Lincolnshire)

Where we work: throughout England and Wales in areas such as the East Midlands (Nottingham & Nottinghamshire; Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Rutland); Northamptonshire, South Yorkshire & Staffordshire. Our stakeholders are our local communities.

We share best practice & learning with some of the poorest communities in the world, Native American communities & people in Pakistan & Africa (especially Ethiopia) where we work primarily with women & children.

Our name: people ask what inspired our name, it derives from the Goddess Juno who is associated with women’s enterprise, regeneration & peacocks. Peacocks appear in our logo with Juno, Cupid (social engagement) & Silvanus (the environment, nature) .

(Below top: children in Pakistan painting a peacock,"Percy" our mascot. Below bottom children in the UK enjoying creative learning. )

Our volunteer Andrew says: 
"the benefits we deliver are seen in our work; meeting people's needs & 
making a difference in communities"

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